Glitter Mint Carves Jack-O-Lanterns

Take a look at our pumpkins we carved this year! We invited our friend Sandra (maybe you saw her as Dorothy?) over and had a pumpkin carving adventure. I've been carving pumpkins since I was a kid but it was Monica and Sandra's first time carving one! Since I hadn't done this in years, it was nice to learn carving pumpkins is still fun as an adult! Check it out below!


Fave 5 // Week 17 // Halloween!

1. Wired has 10 geeky and cheap Halloween costume ideas. As a massive Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, my favorite is Arthur Dent. Bathrobe and towel and done.

2. In a collaboration with Claires, I Spy DIY came up with five DIY costumes. Check out her round-up!

3. Brit & Co came up with eight pop culture costumes. My favorite is the "binders full of women." Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, that quote is costume-worthy.

4. Megan at Polish the Stars made her own Hocus Pocus spell book. My inner witch cannot resist a DIY spell book.

5. And finally, a little gift from one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman. Mr. Gaiman wrote and recorded an unpublished short story that is available to download on Audible for the low price of free! And that's not even the best part. The best part is that for every new download, Audible donates a $1 to Donors Choose if you're in the US and  Audible UK donates a $1 to Booktrust if you're in the UK. You can listen to a scary story by an awesome author for free and help these charities. It's part of All Hallow's Read. You can read about it on Neil's Tumblr. He's much more eloquent than I.


Costume Week // Day 5 // Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Today is another classic costume from a classic movie: Mary Poppins! There is a Whovian theory out there (that I subscribe to) saying that Mary Poppins is a Time Lady (lady Time Lord). A bag that's bigger on the inside, appearing out of nowhere, helping humans, funny hat, bow-tie, etc. I say it's canon! This costume was made completely out of things I had in my closet, with the exception of the hat accessories. I don't have fake cherries lying around. Check out the Super-Nanny-Time-Lady costume below!


Costume Week // Day 4 // Dorothy of Oz

Today we have our lovely friend Sandra modeling a Halloween costume classic: Dorothy Gale! I don't know anyone that doesn't like The Wizard of Oz. It's a classic movie with an iconic outfit (several actually, who wouldn't recognize the tin man or scarecrow?). We had fun walking down our imaginary yellow brick road and mastering Judy Garland's doe-eyed, pouty-lipped, awed face. Check out our take on Dorothy below!


Costume Week // Day 3 // Bad To The Bone

Bones, bones, bones! Today's costume idea is a really cute and easy DIY for anybody! I would love to see a whole family decked out in bone garb! More details after the jump.


Costume Week // Day 2 // Madeline

"In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines..."

Bonjour ma chérie! Today's costume is brought to you by the brave little French girl, Madeline.

Madeline is so precious and holds a soft spot in our childhood memories. From what I can recall, Madeline taught me about how curiosity can lead to some interesting discoveries. Also... that daily routine, where would I be without it?! (bad joke.) Anyways, playing dress up is so much fun! I had a blast pretending to be Madeline, can you tell? This costume would be adorable on a little girl, but we decided that 20 somethings could look cute in it as well! The outfit is composed of some thrifted items (dress and hat) that were altered to fit and look like Madeline's. The peter pan collar is from this easy tutorial by Honestly WTF. I hope you enjoyed this costume idea as much as we did, now I want to explore Paris! Oui oui!



Costume Week // Day 1 // Daria and Jane

This week we are showcasing some quick and fun costume ideas you can put together before halloween!

Today's outfits were inspired by the 90's animated TV show, Daria. This costume was incredibly easy to put together from things found in our own wardrobe. Don't let our stone faces fool you, it was really fun bringing these characters to life. I couldn't stop laughing at how much we resemble Daria and Jane!  We hope this inspires you to find costumes for characters in your already existing wardrobe! If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

Also full episodes of Daria are available online here at mtv.com!



Fave 5 // Week 16

1. Peter pan collars are so charming, I am always looking for dresses with cute collars. Now you can learn how to draft your own peter pan collar with this excerpt from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. Found it on the Martha Stewart craft blog.
2. It never occurred to me ever to make my own hot sauce! But I came across this tutorial on how to make your own Sriracha hot sauce. The thing I like most about this tutorial is the packaging, cute bottles with a chili stamp. It would be really cute to gift some homemade hot sauce.
3. I was looking up ways to paint headphones sometime ago and came across this how to from Shark Sugar. I love the nautical tattoo style design they created. I'm definitely inspired to try this!
4. This candy corn nail design from Cute Polish is just that! Cute! Check out her other videos too.
5. Big Appetites is a collection of photographs from Christopher Boffoli. He creates these wonderful scenes with food and tiny figurines. Get transported to a little world where food sets the stage for these tiny characters.



At Home Pumpkin Spice Latte

It has begun: pumpkin flavored everything. And I will not apologize for it. I love love love pumpkin treats and admit to shelling out the $4 for a small pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. I immediately regretted paying that much for a small coffee when I found this recipe from Recipe Girl. It tastes just like it! And I can alter it to how pumpkin-y I'm feeling. I can't believe I just said "pumpkin-y." Anyway, save your money and check out the steps below to make your own pumpkin spice latte!


Fave 5 // Week 15

1. I love skeleton tights! I've been eyeing some thigh high skeleton socks at Hot Topic (the source for most of my high school wardrobe) but these DIY tights from the Panda Head Newsletter are just as cool. I will most definitely be making these and wearing them year-round.

2. If Kate Beaton's site Hark! A Vagrant isn't your favorite thing then you need to rethink your life. It is consistently funny and even educational. I can be on her site for hours just laughing at her comics. I got to hear her speak at a panel at San Diego Comic Con and she's just as funny in person. She also has a book and a Tumblr if that's more your style.

3. These animal ears from Gleeful Things are so cute. They look pretty easy to make and you could modify the pattern to make any shape ears you want.

4. I love these cat nails from Lulu*s. They're great for Halloween but you could wear them anytime really. They're just so cute!

5. Eat people ...in a picture in a lollipop. Photojojo has a tutorial on how to put your photos in lollipops using edible prints. Perfect for holiday season! There are endless possibilities with this: print out flower photos and make a lollipop bouquet, print out disgusting things and make nasty but delicious lollipops for Halloween, etc.



Skull Candle

Confession! I love witchy stuff. When I see something slightly dark and ethereal, I have to have it. I can't help it. And it is absolutely the reason I love Halloween so much. I can be as creepy as I want without fear of judgement from normal people. I've seen a skull candle like this in the line for the Snow White ride at Disneyland of all places. It sits next to the Evil Queen's spell book and cauldron at her witching station (that ride is terrifying). I've wanted to make one for awhile but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I saw this tutorial from My Ghoul Friday for a skull candle and this tutorial from House of Dewberry for candles from toilet paper rolls and decided to combine! Feast thine eyes upon the instructions after the jump.


Fave 5 // Week 14

Why so serious? There are so many good TV shows that are on during the fall season! I am already having a hard time catching up to some of them. Here are some seriously amazing television dramas that are on right now.

1. Doctor Who - I can't believe that the fall season is already over, it was short and sweet with a touch of sadness because we say goodbye to the Ponds! Ahh! It's been a week and I think that I'm almost recovered from that finale mentally and emotionally. Any episode with the angels are traumatizing. Now we have that Christmas episode to look forward to in a couple of months. Hey, is it December yet?

2. Dexter - This season just got real, if you know what I mean. The first episode of the season has already given me anxiety!  I don't want to give too much away but Dexter's dark secret is not so much of a secret anymore. I need to find out what happens next! The writers for this show are amazing.

3.Once Upon A Time - Since the last season I was curious as to how they were going to change it up for the new season and I must say that I am pretty excited to meet the new characters that are being added to the story.

4. Merlin - Time to get medieval on you all! This show is as cheesy as the promotional photos for it, but I can't help but watch season after season. I love dragons, magic, and flowing robes. Check it! Merlin premiers in the UK tomorrow night on BBCone but us kids in the states have to wait until January. Oops. This gives you all time to catch up!

5. Fringe -  This is Fringe's final season. Things on the show are getting weirder and weirder but I suppose that's the point of "fringe science". It's nice that they get a season to finish up the story and to tie up loose ends.



Fringe Your Booties

October is finally here and Autumnal Equinox has begun! Boots are a staple for fall fashion. They are cozy and fun to stomp around in, I would wear boots all year long if I could! This week's DIY was inspired by a forever wishlisted item, Minnetonka fringe boots. Their boots are so cute and festive but can be kind of pricey so I decided to deck out a pair of my boots for some fall time fun! Instructions after the jump!