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DIY Neon Sign // Batman Returns + Catwoman

There's been a lot of EL wire tutorials making the rounds lately and we've wanted to do one for awhile. We weren't sure what sign to make (we only make stuff we like and are going to keep) until I saw a Tumblr post of Selina Kyle's apartment in Batman Returns . I honestly don't remember much from that movie, but I absolutely remember Michelle Pfeiffer's dead body being chewed on by some cats and her subsequent freak out/transformation . That role (and those two scenes specifically) are iconic and I want to live in her apartment. We've got both video and written instructions for this DIY so you can get the letters just right. Materials: pink EL wire //  here's the one we used you need at least 2 we used 3, but it depends on how big your sign will be a wooden board // we used MDF but I suggest actual wood fishing line white paint // we wound up using a can of white house paint instead of spray paint *EDIT*  here's a template

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