A Weekend Roundup

Monica and I went to WonderCon a couple weeks ago and had a fun time. WonderCon is definitely a more chill San Diego Comic Con and I like it a thousand times more because of that. Like, I can actually walk the exhibit hall without huge spikes in anxiety. Victoria Gedvillas gave me a cute Sailor Moon pin, we listened to Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tess Fowler talk about Rat Queens, Monica got to add to her enamel pin collection, and I almost spent way too much money on a cool Jessica Drew jacket (I don't even read Spider-Woman?).

But the most important thing we saw was a very tall dad and his very small son dressed as spot-on Dumbledore and Harry. When we passed by, Harry looked sad and Dumbledore reached down and softly said, "You want a pretzel? Let's get you a pretzel."

Anyway, here's some stuff I'm into this month:
P.S. I've been thinking of doing a complete overhaul of this blog. Monica hasn't really had time to contribute much, and I don't feel a very strong connection to the stuff we used to post. If you have opinions on what we should do with this blog hmu I guess?


  1. Hey I was wondering where you guys went .. And I finally read through your last post .. about the Overhaul on the blog and feedback. I think the blog is great but it's hard to be motivated to post when you don't. So what is it that you are looking to do?? Any chance you'd want to collaborate on The Sometimes Serious Blog? I know you aren't a 30 something but we could make an exception for you ;) ... Anyway - I look forward to hearing what you think you are going to do with this blog :)


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