Quick Tip: Tights = Hairties

With the unbelievable amount of thick hair I have, finding hairties that don't hurt and don't break has been a lifelong challenge. There have been so many days when, doing absolutely nothing, I hear a *pop* and a cascade of hair falls in my face.

If you're like me and you have an old pair of tights you don't wear anymore, then congratulations, you have a thousand potential hairties (I have no idea how many hairties one pair of tights yields, please take a count and get back to me).

All you do is cut a strip off. That is literally it. I recommend cutting a thicker strip than you think you need, since it will fold in on itself and stretch when you use it.

Tights are stretchy so it makes a pretty big loop, but if I double it up before I use it, it fits perfectly around my hair. So go forth and chop up tights!


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