Florence Welch Home Tour

Something you probably don't know about me: I love home tours. I love seeing how people arrange furniture, how they display knick-knacks, and what weird stuff they own. There's something ritualistic and significant in the way we make our homes, and I would like to do an anthropological study on modern nesting.

Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) is an adorable, English, bohemian witch who lives in an adorable, bohemian, English, witch house. This video was for Apartamento Magazine and is directed by Barbara Anastacio for NOWNESS.
"With her roots firmly in South London – it’s where Welch was born and also attended art school – the musician reimagined a 'mature' version of her childhood bedroom and a cabinet of curiosities. 'I haven’t really changed the space that much,' she says. 'It was just coats of paint and changing door knobs, because small things can really make the difference. Finding bits of furniture you like and re-upholstering them… I’ve always been like an inherent decorator.' Her mother’s paintings hang next to a pair of leather lungs made for her debut album cover, as well as countless postcards and books picked up on her travels. 'These little piles of books just grow everywhere like stalagmites and stalactites'” 

- Lisa


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