Glitter Mint 2.0!

*Rises from the grave* Hello! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas Eve!

Glitter Mint is back! Kind of. We're here to tell you about some recent (and hopefully good) changes to Glitter Mint as a blog/brand/shop/two people making stuff. We reopened, restocked, and revamped our Etsy shop with some handmade, wintery earrings. We'll be making more stuff and listing more items (like more earrings, pins, etc.) soon!

Moving forward, we're going to be focusing on breathing life into our little shop and moving away from blogging. We may post a DIY tutorial every now and then, but it will likely be on our Instagram or YouTube. This site isn't going anywhere, and we'll do our best to post when we have something new.

However! If you want to keep up-to-date with us, you can follow our many social media accounts:


Thank you so much for following our DIY adventures!
- Monica & Lisa


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