Fave 5 // Week 16

1. Peter pan collars are so charming, I am always looking for dresses with cute collars. Now you can learn how to draft your own peter pan collar with this excerpt from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. Found it on the Martha Stewart craft blog.
2. It never occurred to me ever to make my own hot sauce! But I came across this tutorial on how to make your own Sriracha hot sauce. The thing I like most about this tutorial is the packaging, cute bottles with a chili stamp. It would be really cute to gift some homemade hot sauce.
3. I was looking up ways to paint headphones sometime ago and came across this how to from Shark Sugar. I love the nautical tattoo style design they created. I'm definitely inspired to try this!
4. This candy corn nail design from Cute Polish is just that! Cute! Check out her other videos too.
5. Big Appetites is a collection of photographs from Christopher Boffoli. He creates these wonderful scenes with food and tiny figurines. Get transported to a little world where food sets the stage for these tiny characters.



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