Fave 5 // Week 15

1. I love skeleton tights! I've been eyeing some thigh high skeleton socks at Hot Topic (the source for most of my high school wardrobe) but these DIY tights from the Panda Head Newsletter are just as cool. I will most definitely be making these and wearing them year-round.

2. If Kate Beaton's site Hark! A Vagrant isn't your favorite thing then you need to rethink your life. It is consistently funny and even educational. I can be on her site for hours just laughing at her comics. I got to hear her speak at a panel at San Diego Comic Con and she's just as funny in person. She also has a book and a Tumblr if that's more your style.

3. These animal ears from Gleeful Things are so cute. They look pretty easy to make and you could modify the pattern to make any shape ears you want.

4. I love these cat nails from Lulu*s. They're great for Halloween but you could wear them anytime really. They're just so cute!

5. Eat people ...in a picture in a lollipop. Photojojo has a tutorial on how to put your photos in lollipops using edible prints. Perfect for holiday season! There are endless possibilities with this: print out flower photos and make a lollipop bouquet, print out disgusting things and make nasty but delicious lollipops for Halloween, etc.



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