Glitter Mint Carves Jack-O-Lanterns

Take a look at our pumpkins we carved this year! We invited our friend Sandra (maybe you saw her as Dorothy?) over and had a pumpkin carving adventure. I've been carving pumpkins since I was a kid but it was Monica and Sandra's first time carving one! Since I hadn't done this in years, it was nice to learn carving pumpkins is still fun as an adult! Check it out below!

After rotating the lid 36,000˚ before getting it to fit, we realized we should mark exactly where it goes by sawing off a notch and making a small mark on the pumpkin.

This was always my favorite part. Grabbing pumpkin guts! It's gross, but in a fun way?

Sandra took home all of our pumpkin seeds and gave them to her mom to roast and eat. Mmmmm...

Monica and I used two different methods. She printed out a photo of the Morton salt girl (as a skeleton!) and I referenced some TARDIS photos and free-handed it on my pumpkin with a pen. There are also different carving techniques. One is the most obvious: saw all the way through your pumpkin. The other is to carve off layers using carving tools or a screwdriver or whatever tools you have (an Xacto knife is useful for this). We used both methods. You can see the difference in light below.

So print off a free stencil, tape it to your pumpkin, and go!



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