Skull Candle

Confession! I love witchy stuff. When I see something slightly dark and ethereal, I have to have it. I can't help it. And it is absolutely the reason I love Halloween so much. I can be as creepy as I want without fear of judgement from normal people. I've seen a skull candle like this in the line for the Snow White ride at Disneyland of all places. It sits next to the Evil Queen's spell book and cauldron at her witching station (that ride is terrifying). I've wanted to make one for awhile but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I saw this tutorial from My Ghoul Friday for a skull candle and this tutorial from House of Dewberry for candles from toilet paper rolls and decided to combine! Feast thine eyes upon the instructions after the jump.

You should use an LED tea light but for the purposes of this photo I used a regular one.


I weighted the skull with a small rock underneath the jawbone. You could use something nicer. A rock is just what I had handy for some reason.
Fix up the edges of the tape so it's smooth.

I dripped the glue all the way down the roll and onto the skull. The glue will melt a foam skull a little but not enough to ruin it. Don't worry if bubbles form. Just leave them alone and don't pop them.

You could paint the candle black if you like. I went with the boring candle color. If you do paint them black I suggest following the House of Dewberry method of painting white on top. They look awesome.

- your witchy friend, lisa
p.s. I'm like 80% sure Monica thinks I'm a real witch


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