Costume Week // Day 3 // Bad To The Bone

Bones, bones, bones! Today's costume idea is a really cute and easy DIY for anybody! I would love to see a whole family decked out in bone garb! More details after the jump.

For this look you will need:
  • contact paper
  • white fabric paint
  • black clothing items (i chose a shirt, skirt and tights)
  • scissors and or xacto knife
  • template (coming soon)

First draw out your design on contact paper. Cut out the pieces to make a template and apply paint directly onto the garments. >>Tips: Don't forget to stuff the insides with newspaper to avoid paint seeping onto the other side! Also, carefully peel off contact paper when design has dried mostly.<< Contact paper makes a really great stencil because it just sticks to the fabric and peels right off leaving clean lines!
For the tights: While wearing them, we sketched out the design with chalk and painted directly onto the fabric and legs! You will get some paint on your skin, I would test an area to see how your skin reacts to the paint before going all the way. Wait for the paint to dry completely before taking them off! You can check out this tutorial from Miss Lyle Style for more details on how to paint skeleton tights.

Hope you enjoyed this!



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