Costume Idea: Tina and Louise

Halloween is coming up and we decided to whip up another fun animated show inspired costume! This time, it's all about the Belcher sisters, Tina and Louise! If you have never seen an episode of Bob's Burgers you are missing out on some good stuff. It's a show about a family that owns a burger restaurant. Every character on this show has their own thing... The oldest sister Tina is going through her awkward preteen years dealing with confused emotions about butts and zombies and Louise is kind of an evil mastermind with a dose of sarcasm. They also have a brother named Gene who is weird but lovable and uses the keyboard to write his rhymes and record weird sounds. Don't get me started on the parents... just watch the show, its fun and everyone who works on it is really talented and I love it. Now check out how we put these looks together.

 We took an over-sized t-shirt and made a more fitted dress out of it by pinning and sewing on the marked lines with my measurements.

To make the hat we used the same pattern as the Fionna hat from this Finn's Hat Tutorial by re-sizing and changing the ears out with bunny shaped ones. Here's what you will need:
  • Finn's hat pattern (here)
  • Ear shape pattern (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Pink fleece fabric
  • Craft wire
1. Print the ear template and cut ears from the pink fleece. 2. Pair up the fleece, pin together, and sew. Flip right side out. 3. Bend wire into the ear shape (double up the wire for extra sturdiness). Attach a wire circle as a base by wrapping it to the ears. 4. Mark where you want your ears and stitch them the same way as the Finn hat. We placed the ears a little closer to the front and angled.

 We even made a menu for craft themed foods like on the show.

Happy Halloween everyone!
- monica & lisa


Fionna & Cake Costume and Plush DIY

This Halloween we are geeking out EVEN MORE to Adventure Time! This week we threw together a fun costume for Fionna and her trusty sidekick...Cake, the plushie! Lisa looks MATHMATICAL in her DIY Fionna hat that she put together using this Fin Hat tutorial from instructables with some modifications to the ears. Fionna's costume is made up of: awesome hat, light blue shirt, dark blue miniskirt, white knee high socks and black flats (sword and green backpack if you want to be even more legit). This was my first time drafting a pattern for a stuffed doll and I'm really happy at how it came out! Doll making is addicting and I'm excited for more plushies to come! Although, making a stuffed doll is easier than it looks but can be tricky to explain. Hopefully it makes some kind of sense unlike some of the random things that go on in Adventure Time!

For this tutorial you will need: 
  • 9" x 11" felt sheets - 5 white, 3 gold, 1 black
  • polyfill
  • sewing machine
  • template - download here

Before you start I recommend going through the tutorial and study the template to get an idea of what to do. Take a deep breath because at the end of it you will feel amazing!

1. Cut and layout all the pieces. Start with the larger shapes so you don't run out of felt! Read my notes about which pieces don't require a seam allowance, which colors to use, quantity, and which parts to avoid sewing. 2. The tail is a little wonky because of the curves so I would start by pinning and attaching the two colors together with a normal stitch.

3. Place the two body pieces on the table and lay out the spots like I have. Cake has a couple spots on her front and back, try to align it the best you can. Pin and sew them in place! Next Lay out her face by stacking the eyes together and sewing each part to the next. Feel free to hand stitch the detailed areas if you aren't that good with a machine. 4. Put RIGHT SIDES together and stitch around. Please avoid the red areas for now, those spaces are reserved for limbs and stuffing!

5. Pin the arms and legs like shown with right sides together and sew across (notice that the arms are mismatched colors). Next open up the pieces and lay them with their pair with right sides together, pin and sew. Snip off any material that may cause bulk. These steps also apply for the tail and ear pieces.

6. Flip the pieces right side out and start stuffing!

7. Next you will stick the ears, arms, and tail in their assigned body holes with the body pieces right sides together. If you haven't already, cut the tail line so you can stick the tail in. Sew directly over the "do not sew lines" because I now give you permission to sew them. Hopefully you left enough room because there will be a lot of squishing and punching involved to stick and sew in the pieces. 8. Flip cake inside out which is actually right side up! Pin and sew her legs from the outside. Unfortunately it ends with stuffing her lady parts with polyfill, I'm sure most plushies get this kind of treatment in the making. After that stitch up  the opening and we are ready to jellyroll!

Catnip! Sweet babies!

- monica


Make an Enchiridion!

What time is it?! We at Glitter Mint are pretty big fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time and we've been trying to think of a good DIY/craft for it. Since Halloween is coming up, I've been seeing a lot of spell book DIYs and thought I'd make an Enchiridion! A word of warning: this craft was a little more time-consuming than I thought it would be and this post is a little long in order for me to fully explain how I made it. That said, I love how it turned out!

1. I used a thick English textbook and painted the front a light beige. The corner is a bit darker. 2. I used the same technique with tissue paper as I did on the River Song journal here. Cut a rectangle out of the front of the tissue paper and tear off the corner to expose the paint. 3. Paint the crumpled tissue paper brown.

4. For the circle on the front, I used two layers of cardstock. The bottom layer is a basic circle and the top is rough cut pieces. Put crumpled tissue over the circle like before. Here's my rough template.

5. For the front decorative piece I used polymer clay. The grapes are just a bunch of little circles pushed together. For the bird and skull I made the basic shapes then used a pencil to add the details. The eye sockets on the skull were made with the eraser end. I also made a quick gif of how I made the sword. For the blade of the sword, I cut the clay with an xacto knife down each side, then cut little notches on edges. 6. After baking the clay, I painted it with nail polish.

7. I used some old rhinestone beads and painted (again) with nail polish. 8. I used cardstock (again) to make the shields and edge pieces. 9. For the text, I just referenced a photo and sketched it out in pencil before going over it in Sharpie.

10. Tear up some paper and put it haphazardly in the book. If you have red, orange, and green ribbon then go ahead and throw them in there. I didn't so I used construction paper. And finally, write those cryptic numbers on the back.

We did it! Mathematical!



Fave 5 // PuppyCat

1. These tarot cards are so cool! It's called The Visions Project and there's a kickstarter for them here.
2. I love Bee and Puppycat! There's a minisode in two parts on Cartoon Hangover's YouTube and a kickstarter for a full series! I'm so excited to see more!
3. Fall for DIY has an amazing tutorial for faux agate. I have a lot of polymer clay just lying around and I really want to try this.
4. I'm a little bit in love with this awesome Twin Peaks themed fashion spread from a 1990 issue of Sassy magazine.
5. A cool Halloween DIY! These bell jars are made from soda bottles and still look creepy.



Fave 5 // Cinnamon Bacon

1. H&M's children halloween collection! This collection has so many cute pieces that you can mix and match to make anything from a tattooed sailor to a victorian princess. If you have children, please dress them in these garments for uber cuteness!

2. These diamond lights I saw online awhile ago are stunning. They are a really cool design piece when off and great when they are on as well.

3. DIY drippy blood nails on HonestlyWTF are killer!

4. Breaking Bad is over and if you haven't caught up already, I'm pretty sure the entire world and internet has spoiled the ending for you but no worries. In the meantime, enjoy this blue crystal cocktail on a beautiful mess.

5. More sweets! This recipe for cinnamon rolls with bacon sounds and looks delicious! Oh my taste buds water for this sweet and savory treat!

p.s. the skeleton font is called Tango Macabre, totes halloween!


Charlotte's Web Flats DIY

I had a pair of red loafers that I got awhile back and I wanted do something fun with them but I wasn't sure what. One day Lisa and I were browsing the internet and stumbled upon this pair of spiderweb embroidered flats, lo and behold they were designed by Charlotte Olympia! (We made a DIY of the super popular kitty flats from C.O. last year.) This was the perfect shoe for the Halloween season and one we could easily DIY! I really love the gold on red, it could be worn all the way until Christmas time!

 What you will need:
  • flats or loafers - similar here
  • gold embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • web template - download here
  • tape, hot glue, pencil or chalk
  • to make spider - spider ring & spray paint
1. First you will need to cut out and place the template where you would like on your shoe. 2. Use your needle to poke through the shoe at every point the web intersects. This will help to figure out where to connect the lines when you draw the design. (There might be a better way to do this but this method worked out okay for me!) 3. Lightly sketch the design using the points as a guide. Pencil showed up pretty well on the red shoe, if your shoes are dark chalk should work. 4. Start stitching! We attempted to embroider using a back stitch technique, here's a really good tutorial on how to do that. 5. If you have loafers and want to get as close to the original design all you have to do is fold the corners of the loafer to make that vampire-like"v" shape! A dab with a glue gun will do the trick. 6. Lastly no web is complete without a little spider hanging out! I took a plastic spider ring, cut the back off of it and sprayed it gold. Glue it on and we are ready to go!

- monica