Fionna & Cake Costume and Plush DIY

This Halloween we are geeking out EVEN MORE to Adventure Time! This week we threw together a fun costume for Fionna and her trusty sidekick...Cake, the plushie! Lisa looks MATHMATICAL in her DIY Fionna hat that she put together using this Fin Hat tutorial from instructables with some modifications to the ears. Fionna's costume is made up of: awesome hat, light blue shirt, dark blue miniskirt, white knee high socks and black flats (sword and green backpack if you want to be even more legit). This was my first time drafting a pattern for a stuffed doll and I'm really happy at how it came out! Doll making is addicting and I'm excited for more plushies to come! Although, making a stuffed doll is easier than it looks but can be tricky to explain. Hopefully it makes some kind of sense unlike some of the random things that go on in Adventure Time!

For this tutorial you will need: 
  • 9" x 11" felt sheets - 5 white, 3 gold, 1 black
  • polyfill
  • sewing machine
  • template - download here

Before you start I recommend going through the tutorial and study the template to get an idea of what to do. Take a deep breath because at the end of it you will feel amazing!

1. Cut and layout all the pieces. Start with the larger shapes so you don't run out of felt! Read my notes about which pieces don't require a seam allowance, which colors to use, quantity, and which parts to avoid sewing. 2. The tail is a little wonky because of the curves so I would start by pinning and attaching the two colors together with a normal stitch.

3. Place the two body pieces on the table and lay out the spots like I have. Cake has a couple spots on her front and back, try to align it the best you can. Pin and sew them in place! Next Lay out her face by stacking the eyes together and sewing each part to the next. Feel free to hand stitch the detailed areas if you aren't that good with a machine. 4. Put RIGHT SIDES together and stitch around. Please avoid the red areas for now, those spaces are reserved for limbs and stuffing!

5. Pin the arms and legs like shown with right sides together and sew across (notice that the arms are mismatched colors). Next open up the pieces and lay them with their pair with right sides together, pin and sew. Snip off any material that may cause bulk. These steps also apply for the tail and ear pieces.

6. Flip the pieces right side out and start stuffing!

7. Next you will stick the ears, arms, and tail in their assigned body holes with the body pieces right sides together. If you haven't already, cut the tail line so you can stick the tail in. Sew directly over the "do not sew lines" because I now give you permission to sew them. Hopefully you left enough room because there will be a lot of squishing and punching involved to stick and sew in the pieces. 8. Flip cake inside out which is actually right side up! Pin and sew her legs from the outside. Unfortunately it ends with stuffing her lady parts with polyfill, I'm sure most plushies get this kind of treatment in the making. After that stitch up  the opening and we are ready to jellyroll!

Catnip! Sweet babies!

- monica


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