Charlotte's Web Flats DIY

I had a pair of red loafers that I got awhile back and I wanted do something fun with them but I wasn't sure what. One day Lisa and I were browsing the internet and stumbled upon this pair of spiderweb embroidered flats, lo and behold they were designed by Charlotte Olympia! (We made a DIY of the super popular kitty flats from C.O. last year.) This was the perfect shoe for the Halloween season and one we could easily DIY! I really love the gold on red, it could be worn all the way until Christmas time!

 What you will need:
  • flats or loafers - similar here
  • gold embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • web template - download here
  • tape, hot glue, pencil or chalk
  • to make spider - spider ring & spray paint
1. First you will need to cut out and place the template where you would like on your shoe. 2. Use your needle to poke through the shoe at every point the web intersects. This will help to figure out where to connect the lines when you draw the design. (There might be a better way to do this but this method worked out okay for me!) 3. Lightly sketch the design using the points as a guide. Pencil showed up pretty well on the red shoe, if your shoes are dark chalk should work. 4. Start stitching! We attempted to embroider using a back stitch technique, here's a really good tutorial on how to do that. 5. If you have loafers and want to get as close to the original design all you have to do is fold the corners of the loafer to make that vampire-like"v" shape! A dab with a glue gun will do the trick. 6. Lastly no web is complete without a little spider hanging out! I took a plastic spider ring, cut the back off of it and sprayed it gold. Glue it on and we are ready to go!

- monica


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