Fave 5 // Cinnamon Bacon

1. H&M's children halloween collection! This collection has so many cute pieces that you can mix and match to make anything from a tattooed sailor to a victorian princess. If you have children, please dress them in these garments for uber cuteness!

2. These diamond lights I saw online awhile ago are stunning. They are a really cool design piece when off and great when they are on as well.

3. DIY drippy blood nails on HonestlyWTF are killer!

4. Breaking Bad is over and if you haven't caught up already, I'm pretty sure the entire world and internet has spoiled the ending for you but no worries. In the meantime, enjoy this blue crystal cocktail on a beautiful mess.

5. More sweets! This recipe for cinnamon rolls with bacon sounds and looks delicious! Oh my taste buds water for this sweet and savory treat!

p.s. the skeleton font is called Tango Macabre, totes halloween!


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