Make an Enchiridion!

What time is it?! We at Glitter Mint are pretty big fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time and we've been trying to think of a good DIY/craft for it. Since Halloween is coming up, I've been seeing a lot of spell book DIYs and thought I'd make an Enchiridion! A word of warning: this craft was a little more time-consuming than I thought it would be and this post is a little long in order for me to fully explain how I made it. That said, I love how it turned out!

1. I used a thick English textbook and painted the front a light beige. The corner is a bit darker. 2. I used the same technique with tissue paper as I did on the River Song journal here. Cut a rectangle out of the front of the tissue paper and tear off the corner to expose the paint. 3. Paint the crumpled tissue paper brown.

4. For the circle on the front, I used two layers of cardstock. The bottom layer is a basic circle and the top is rough cut pieces. Put crumpled tissue over the circle like before. Here's my rough template.

5. For the front decorative piece I used polymer clay. The grapes are just a bunch of little circles pushed together. For the bird and skull I made the basic shapes then used a pencil to add the details. The eye sockets on the skull were made with the eraser end. I also made a quick gif of how I made the sword. For the blade of the sword, I cut the clay with an xacto knife down each side, then cut little notches on edges. 6. After baking the clay, I painted it with nail polish.

7. I used some old rhinestone beads and painted (again) with nail polish. 8. I used cardstock (again) to make the shields and edge pieces. 9. For the text, I just referenced a photo and sketched it out in pencil before going over it in Sharpie.

10. Tear up some paper and put it haphazardly in the book. If you have red, orange, and green ribbon then go ahead and throw them in there. I didn't so I used construction paper. And finally, write those cryptic numbers on the back.

We did it! Mathematical!



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