Fave 5 // Week 22

1. I love this wintery table setting that Meg Allen Cole put up on her blog. She also has a video on how to make those geometric stones. Something we will probably make for our holiday party!

2. This leather gift bow DIY is such a good idea! This is a good idea for decorating gifts. I can see a gift wrapped with leather and studs all over, how cool would that be?

3. I was browsing the web one day for wood patterns and stumbled upon The Wood Database. It's pretty much a website with a ton of information on different kinds of wood. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood??

4. Gingerbread cookies are festive and remind me so much of christmas time. I'm loving this drunken gingerbread cookie recipe from Will Cook For Friends. Maybe we can build a gingerbread bar for all those gingerbread drunkards.

5. Don't have a pair of oxfords? Mom Spark shows you how to paint the design on a pair of sneakers!

Have a great weekend!


DIY Pearl Sweater

I've always had a liking for pearls, my birthstone is the pearl (June)! They remind me of classy ladies and classy mermaids. If only I was a classy mermaid lady... Back to this! Pearls are fun so I decided to deck out a sweater with them. Pearl it up after the jump.


Fave 5 // Week 21

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Eat to your fill? And Black Friday? I hope no one got into a fistfight over a toaster or anything. I had a very relaxed Thanksgiving and then later at night laughed at Monica's texts from Black Friday shopping. I also went to Disneyland on Friday in lieu of shopping which is why this Fave 5 is a day late! Enjoy it anyway!

1. This DIY photo transfer tote would be a really great personalized gift. I can picture vintage book covers or quotes or poems on it. Honestly what really sold me on this DIY tote was the ship photo she chose to transfer.

2. All Things Paper has a roundup of folded paper stars. They're all perfect for some DIY holiday decorating.

3. I've been looking into making some bookends and I love love love these ones from Etsy seller Garth Borovicka. Maybe it's my obsession with anything miniature...

4. ...like these pies. I love these tiny pies in jars from Camille Styles. She gave them out as parting gifts at a party. They're adorable and look pretty simple to make.

5. These light stencils from Photojojo are amazing. They're kind of dreamy and surreal. The possibilities with this are endless. Really excited to try it out.



Cake Stand and Jewelry Dish

Cake stands and jewelry dishes. Similar, yet entirely different. Since these cake stands and jewelry dish were made in the exact same way, we thought we might as well throw them into the same tutorial. It's amazing what a simple display can do for your food or jewelry. Instant fanciness. Check out how to make these easy displays after the jump!


Fave 5 // Week 20

1. I adore patterned walls and folks at The Painted House have come up with an interesting concept, patterned paint rollers! This is basically a patterned roller which you can use for your walls, fabrics, giftwrap, anything really.

2. Etsy seller AMradio has some really cute geometric ornaments that would make your christmas tree look awesome. I might make something like this for my baby christmas tree.

3. In Japan they have set up the world's first 3D printing photobooth. The results are amazing, a tiny 3D figure of yourself that you can show off to your friends and their friends. Sweet!

4. I was browsing Pinterest's food section and was having a hard time controlling my mouth from watering so I quickly moved on to something else and came across this lovely moon phase earring set from Cisthene. I have a really hard time controlling myself around food and cute jewelry.

5. This lovely lace collar necklace DIY from teahab is sweet and simple.

- monica


Print Your Own iPhone Case

Before you say it, I know. iPhones. They're everywhere. We are consumer zombies with our faces shoved into our glowing smart phones. But at the same time, I think it's fascinating to have this kind of technology literally at our fingertips. I saw a tweet awhile ago (wish I could remember who said it) that said: think about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and now realize that that sh*t exists and is called an iPad. And with that thought, I decided to make my phone into my own Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Check out how under the jump.


Fave 5 // Week 19

1. These DIY tea towels from Lana Red are really cute. She just used some fabric markers and stenciled away. I love her patterns.

2. Did you know that both Monica and I took floriculture in high school? Our school offered a whole course on how to arrange flowers as part of our agriculture program. Good times. Anyway, A Beautiful Mess has some tips on autumn floral arrangements. I'm not totally into the feathers in them, but I really like themed arrangements.

3. Is it too early for Christmas DIYs? I just love this melted snowman ornament so much. It's kind of sad and funny at the same time. It looks super easy, too. The only thing you have to "make" is the carrot nose out of some polymer clay.

4. TARDIS snow-globe! I desperately need one of these on my desk to procrastinate with. It just looks so shiny and glittery (which is exactly how I imagine traveling through time and space). I might make some for Christmas.

5. I nearly died when I saw these dinosaur heels. I love kitschy stuff like this. I wish I had somewhere to wear raptor heels. Clever girl...



Pumpkin Macarons

We had wanted to try making macarons for awhile and when we were carving pumpkins, inspiration struck: pumpkin macarons! Of course, we headed to Google for a recipe and found this one from Marina at Yummy Mummy Kitchen. It was super easy to follow and she even made her's pumpkin shaped! Check out our pumpkin macarons below!


Fave 5 // Week 18

1. Check out this DIY chandelier made from freezer paper! This is on my crafting to-do list for sure! :)
2. Along the lines of home decorating, this book headboard DIY looks interesting, decorated with old books found at thrift stores. If you are in bed and get "board" you can just read your wall?
3. This is a really smart idea to put matches in a mason jar with a sandpaper lid. There are hundreds of uses for mason jars out there and this has to be one of my favorites.
4. The news has been going around that Disney has officially bought out Lucasfilm, artist Paul Shipper disneyfied his drawing to go along with the news. Also this video of Darth Vader at Disneyland is pretty funny too.
5. Finally, you can download and print out these wrapping paper patterns from mineco.co.uk for free. The patterns are raindrop, pacman ghost, and lightning blolt.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Also, I can't believe it's November already!