Fave 5 // Week 21

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Eat to your fill? And Black Friday? I hope no one got into a fistfight over a toaster or anything. I had a very relaxed Thanksgiving and then later at night laughed at Monica's texts from Black Friday shopping. I also went to Disneyland on Friday in lieu of shopping which is why this Fave 5 is a day late! Enjoy it anyway!

1. This DIY photo transfer tote would be a really great personalized gift. I can picture vintage book covers or quotes or poems on it. Honestly what really sold me on this DIY tote was the ship photo she chose to transfer.

2. All Things Paper has a roundup of folded paper stars. They're all perfect for some DIY holiday decorating.

3. I've been looking into making some bookends and I love love love these ones from Etsy seller Garth Borovicka. Maybe it's my obsession with anything miniature...

4. ...like these pies. I love these tiny pies in jars from Camille Styles. She gave them out as parting gifts at a party. They're adorable and look pretty simple to make.

5. These light stencils from Photojojo are amazing. They're kind of dreamy and surreal. The possibilities with this are endless. Really excited to try it out.



  1. Thanks so much for including my star round up. Off to enjoy the other links. :)

    1. You're welcome! :) You have a lovely blog!


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