Fave 5 // Week 19

1. These DIY tea towels from Lana Red are really cute. She just used some fabric markers and stenciled away. I love her patterns.

2. Did you know that both Monica and I took floriculture in high school? Our school offered a whole course on how to arrange flowers as part of our agriculture program. Good times. Anyway, A Beautiful Mess has some tips on autumn floral arrangements. I'm not totally into the feathers in them, but I really like themed arrangements.

3. Is it too early for Christmas DIYs? I just love this melted snowman ornament so much. It's kind of sad and funny at the same time. It looks super easy, too. The only thing you have to "make" is the carrot nose out of some polymer clay.

4. TARDIS snow-globe! I desperately need one of these on my desk to procrastinate with. It just looks so shiny and glittery (which is exactly how I imagine traveling through time and space). I might make some for Christmas.

5. I nearly died when I saw these dinosaur heels. I love kitschy stuff like this. I wish I had somewhere to wear raptor heels. Clever girl...



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