Fave 5 // Week 20

1. I adore patterned walls and folks at The Painted House have come up with an interesting concept, patterned paint rollers! This is basically a patterned roller which you can use for your walls, fabrics, giftwrap, anything really.

2. Etsy seller AMradio has some really cute geometric ornaments that would make your christmas tree look awesome. I might make something like this for my baby christmas tree.

3. In Japan they have set up the world's first 3D printing photobooth. The results are amazing, a tiny 3D figure of yourself that you can show off to your friends and their friends. Sweet!

4. I was browsing Pinterest's food section and was having a hard time controlling my mouth from watering so I quickly moved on to something else and came across this lovely moon phase earring set from Cisthene. I have a really hard time controlling myself around food and cute jewelry.

5. This lovely lace collar necklace DIY from teahab is sweet and simple.

- monica


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