Cake Stand and Jewelry Dish

Cake stands and jewelry dishes. Similar, yet entirely different. Since these cake stands and jewelry dish were made in the exact same way, we thought we might as well throw them into the same tutorial. It's amazing what a simple display can do for your food or jewelry. Instant fanciness. Check out how to make these easy displays after the jump!

If the surface is smooth, the glue will hold better if you rough it up with sandpaper or score it with something. Also, if you're using epoxy, wear a mask! That stuff is vile!

Do even strokes and don't hold the can too close to the stand. If you're going to put food directly onto the stand, use a food safe sealant.

Lovely! Perfect for displaying your homemade goods. The jewelry dish was made the same way just with a smaller dish and candle stick holder. The cake stands would be very easy to do last minute Thanksgiving morning (for all you Americans) or to use year-round!

-monica & lisa, Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!


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