Fave 5 // Week 9

1. There are some awesome photos of the Wilderness Festival (which I wasn't aware was a thing) over at Vanessa Jackman's blog.

2. Here's a tutorial for a pencil pouch. Looks way too advanced for me, but this is a great back-to-school diy for sewers.

3. There's also this tutorial for a felt laptop sleeve. This one I think I can do.

4. Pencil cake push pops! From Bakerella.

5. Has everyone been watching Pond Life? When I heard they were making a web series following the Ponds my reaction was: ".....?" But they're super fun. The Ponds + an Ood! I will say I was not prepared for the fifth episode to be so dramatic. But I guess that's Doctor Who for you. Watch 'em all before the season 7 premiere tomorrow! (which I'm excited about! squeee!!!)



Chain, Chain, Chain

There are a lot of tutorials out there for easy bracelets, like this one and this one and this one. I whipped these up real quick as part of a White Elephant gift for this past Christmas and I thought I'd share. Enjoy!


Fave 5 // Week 8

My faves this week are kind of all over the place but I like the shake it up so here it goes... (Starts left move clock-wise, middle last.)

1. Daily Drop Cap is a daily illustrative initial cap project started by Jessica Hische. She posts letters each day showing her awesome design skills!

2. I've been looking at pencil cases online and this pencil roll from CoolPencilCase.com caught my eye! I might just DIY one of these someday.

3. Ombre walls are so cool! P.S. I Made This did a really nice job blending those colors for a perfect gradient of mint!

4. On the note of interior decorating... this video from Tall Tales is kind of the greatest prank to play on your teenage brother, ever! Watch it here.

5. Guild Wars 2!! One of the most anticipated mmorpgs comes out next week (8.28)! I've been following some of the game development, the concept art and gameplay look amazing! I am pretty excited for this release, although I may not have much of a life if I really dove into this game. Get your copy right now!




This week's DIY is a fun way to accessorize your head by making your very own floral crown! Wear it to a picnic, garden party, the market, or even the zoo. It's an easy way to add a little quirk to your look... not that you need any! Instructions after the jump


Fave 5 // Week 7

Well over this past week our little blog hit 2000 views and we gained a few followers! So we just wanted to say hello and thank you! This blog is still in it's infancy but we try to bring you quality posts. One thing we do is a weekly Fave 5 post, on Fridays, of stuff we like. So here's this week, a day late!

1. Make your own marshmallows! A cool but messy recipe from Joy the Baker.

2. Make your own pesto! I loooove pesto and this recipe from A Beautiful Mess is so easy.

3. Print out these weird-looking-but-kind-of-adorable paper gnomes.

4. DIY a camera bag. I am definitely doing this. I already know it's gonna come in handy.

5. Country Living has these cool paint-by-numbers DIY's and this table is my favorite.



Here Kitty, Kitty...

I've longed for these Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats for what seems like ages, but at £465, they are slightly (extremely) out of my price range. So, of course, I decided I would make my own!

I have to admit I kept putting off this DIY because I thought it was going to be a lot of work, but it turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. So, grab those black flats and/or heels you've got lying around (and/or picked up for cheap) and check out the instructions after the jump!


Fave 5 // Week 6

Last weekend we went up to viva Las Vegas as a mini vacation. It was really neat to check out all the different hotels with their high ceilings and interesting themes. Where else can you visit Paris, New York, and ancient Rome all at the same time? Vegas, baby!

1. Vegas has a lot of random stuff but some of the most random things we've seen are the names and themes of some of the slot machines. One of my favorite: Kitty Glitter

2. The Bellagio has some really whimsical decorations. The garden room has these cute hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling.

3. On our way to Vegas we stopped by Peggy Sue's 50's Diner which also happened to have a dinosaur park in the back.

4. We had a view of people jumping off the Stratosphere's tower doing the Sky Jump.

5. City lights are always a treat and Vegas is known for all of their neon signs that light up the night.

-monica and lisa

>> all photos by Lisa Ahn; please don't use without permission, thank you!


The Key Mix Up

The other week I was spending the night at my cousin's house. In that time she lent me her key which i attached to the rest of mine. Unfortunately, both of our keys looked the same and I accidentally gave back the wrong key! If only I had thought of this DIY sooner, the mix-up wouldn't have happened. 

This is a really great way for personalizing your own keys so there won't be a mix-up.

Tip: For a clean line, you can use tape to mask off the key before painting. (I didn't think about this until later!)

- monica


Fave 5 // Week 5

An Olympic-themed Fave 5 before we head to Vegas for the weekend!

1. I love this gif of McKayla Maroney being a vaulting wizard at the Summer Olympics. I made a lot of strange noises of shock and awe when I watched this.

same, guys, same (source)

2. NBC News has a collection of reaction photos from the Olympics. They're all pretty emotional and definitely worth looking at.

China's Lei Sheng celebrating his win in fencing

3. This is a video of Olga Korbut from the 1972 Olympics doing the uneven bars. She performed a (now illegal) flip soon thereafter named the "Korbut flip." It's insane.

4. Everyone knows by know that Michael Phelps broke the world record on Tuesday with 19 medals (15 gold) but the person who held that record before him was Larisa Latynina. She won 18 medals for gymnastics from 1956 to 1964 competing for the Soviet Union. She was watching when he broke her record and I love that she joked that it was time for a man to be able to do what a woman had done long ago.

Larisa Latynina

5. And to close out Fave 5 this week here's this non-Olympic related video "Gangnam Style" by Korean star PSY. It is amazing. Gangnam is a district in Seoul, hence "Gangnam Style." It's been stuck in my head all week. Enjoy.

And now we're off to Vegas! Have a fun weekend!



Off The Runway - Star Clips

This week we are borrowing a piece off the runway by remaking Rodarte's celestial star clip from their fall 2012 runway show. This DIY is very easy and will add extra star power to your hairstyle!

Instructions after the jump.