Fave 5 // Week 8

My faves this week are kind of all over the place but I like the shake it up so here it goes... (Starts left move clock-wise, middle last.)

1. Daily Drop Cap is a daily illustrative initial cap project started by Jessica Hische. She posts letters each day showing her awesome design skills!

2. I've been looking at pencil cases online and this pencil roll from CoolPencilCase.com caught my eye! I might just DIY one of these someday.

3. Ombre walls are so cool! P.S. I Made This did a really nice job blending those colors for a perfect gradient of mint!

4. On the note of interior decorating... this video from Tall Tales is kind of the greatest prank to play on your teenage brother, ever! Watch it here.

5. Guild Wars 2!! One of the most anticipated mmorpgs comes out next week (8.28)! I've been following some of the game development, the concept art and gameplay look amazing! I am pretty excited for this release, although I may not have much of a life if I really dove into this game. Get your copy right now!



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