Fave 5 // Week 9

1. There are some awesome photos of the Wilderness Festival (which I wasn't aware was a thing) over at Vanessa Jackman's blog.

2. Here's a tutorial for a pencil pouch. Looks way too advanced for me, but this is a great back-to-school diy for sewers.

3. There's also this tutorial for a felt laptop sleeve. This one I think I can do.

4. Pencil cake push pops! From Bakerella.

5. Has everyone been watching Pond Life? When I heard they were making a web series following the Ponds my reaction was: ".....?" But they're super fun. The Ponds + an Ood! I will say I was not prepared for the fifth episode to be so dramatic. But I guess that's Doctor Who for you. Watch 'em all before the season 7 premiere tomorrow! (which I'm excited about! squeee!!!)



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