The Key Mix Up

The other week I was spending the night at my cousin's house. In that time she lent me her key which i attached to the rest of mine. Unfortunately, both of our keys looked the same and I accidentally gave back the wrong key! If only I had thought of this DIY sooner, the mix-up wouldn't have happened. 

This is a really great way for personalizing your own keys so there won't be a mix-up.

Tip: For a clean line, you can use tape to mask off the key before painting. (I didn't think about this until later!)

- monica


  1. Thanks for this very unique ideas... absolutely beautiful, just asking... does the color fades easily?

    1. Hi Becca!

      There is some chipping that happens from keys hitting each other on the key chain but other than that, the nail polish really sticks to the keys!


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