San Francisco Road Trip

Spring semester starts on Monday for Monica and I so, as a last hoorah of winter break, we decided to take a spontaneous road trip! And for us San Francisco is the perfect road trip distance! We packed up a bag, grabbed our friend Sandra, and headed up the coast. Neither Monica nor Sandra had been to San Francisco before. I had actually taken a spontaneous road trip up there last New Year's Eve with another friend, but there was a lot less planning that time and a lot more crazy. I was really excited to go with people who had never seen this city before.

Check out our SF adventure under the break! A warning: this post is kind of image heavy.


Fave 5 // Week 30

This week has gone by too fast and we've had a hard time catching up to it. Hopefully our trip up to SF will lighten our moods and get us back on track! See you later, alligators!

1. Kirsten at Studs and Pearls put up this denim jacket reconstruction. The final look is awesome and so easy to do!
2. Go nuts for homemade donuts! A Beautiful Mess posted a recipe for grapefruit glazed donuts. I'm not a big donut eater but looking at these photos makes me drool for this breakfast treat.
3. Speaking of grapefruit treats, fĂȘte has a recipe for grapefruit macarons which look lovely and is also making me drool. There's a puddle forming, let's get cooking!
4. This Boo light-up wall piece you can build on instructables is cute! I wouldn't mind making one of these to hang out. The light really makes it pop, it probably looks killer in the dark!
5. Node is a fair trade rug project that merges international artists and designers with craftsmen in the developing world to provide quality pieces as well as quality treatment and benefits for the workers. The designs are smashing and you can read more about Node and what they do here.



DIY Pearl Collar Necklace

Pearls. Calcium carbonate orbs made in the soft tissue of a mollusk. Thank you slimy flesh of mollusks for making your defense mechanism against parasites and foreign bodies iridescent. Anyway, we're gonna move past the gross origins of pearls and just say: pretty, shiny! (And also only use fake pearls. Ever.) I really love the trend of embellished collars that's been happening and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. But instead of putting pearls directly on a shirt (you can head over to Stripes & Sequins if you'd like to know how to do that, though) I wanted to make a collar necklace to wear with any outfit. I checked out the tutorial on Style Hive and the collar that Gaby from Fashionable Collections stitched to see what kind of collar I wanted. I wound up doing a combo of the two and love the way it turned out! It looks like a collar full of pearly bubbles!

>>Print out this template and cut out two pieces from felt or whatever material you want to use.


P.S. The font I used in the photos is Mathlete by Mattox Shuler which you can download for free!


Fave 5 // Week 29

1. This tutorial for a galaxy pendant from Grinsebacke is so simple and looks so good. I can't wait to try it.

2. These dreamy photos from Joel Robinson are so beautiful. I love when photographers are able to create worlds in their photos. So inspiring.

3. Yesterday, Monica and I helped our friend Sandra make these basil, tomato, and cheese tartlets for her friends. I had never made dough or tarts before so it was very educational and fun. They turned out really good! And that's coming from someone who doesn't really like tomatoes or cheese (I just don't, okay?!).

4. But I love pears! These pear tarts from Share My Kitchen look seriously good and fairly simple. They're next on the tart to-do list.

5. Are you guys sick of hearing us talk about Doctor Who yet? (It's not going to stop, by the way) Well, even if you're not a fan of the show I think you can still appreciate this guy's dedication seeing as how he made an augmented reality TARDIS. It is so awesome.


p.s. Speaking of nerd dedication; this week I'd like to give an honorable mention to this guy that built a whole train car in his basement. Hey, train enthusiasts, I don't get you, but I love your contagious happiness.


Home is Where the TARDIS is

We've seen a lot of string art these days, like Honey & Fitz's tutorial or this one from Man Made. Most of the ones we've seen have been states, so when we decided to try our hand at this retro easy art we wanted to do something different. So what design did we choose? A TARDIS. Duh. We think it's fitting since 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! To say we're pretty excited is putting it lightly. Anyway, as we worked on our string TARDIS, Monica noted that it was kind of therapeutic. So, if you want some cheap therapy, check out how to make your own string TARDIS below! Allons-y!

 >> For the surface I used an old wooden plaque that I bought awhile back and covered it with white paint. Also, here is a free printable template of the tardis you can use for this project or any other Doctor Who related craft!

 >> Make sure to loop thread around the nails. You may need to push the thread down and re-hammer loose nails once in awhile.

- monica & lisa


Fave 5 // Week 28

1. Ninth and Bird shows us how to make a light box for product photos out of display boards. This will come in handy for some of our diy photos!
2. Deetz clothing collection inspired by Beatlejuice is really pretty. I especially like this dress with the heart pattern and leather collar.
3. Shae Acopian Detar made these gorgeous beaded headpieces that were inspired by old fashion drawings and illustrations from the late 1800's through the 40's. They are really beautiful and sparked some inspiration for some beaded diys.
4. I'm obsessed with wire jewelry and they make awesome gifts for friends. Born in '82 takes you through her process on how to make personalized name bracelets out of wire.
5. This week CES happened and although I haven't really been keeping up with EVERYTHING happening in the techworld I browsed some feeds and found some cool things that were shown at the convention. One of them being this Luminae glass keyboard with customizable light and key layout. I don't know anyone who actually needs or can afford this keyboard but I'm just a sucker for anything that glows and looks like it's from Tron.


p.s. If you didn't know already we have a facebook page that is up and running! Please like and share it with your friends!! It would mean the world to us! Thank you! :)


Moon and Planet Collar Clips DIY

Finally, our first DIY of the New Year! I've been noticing a trend in lunar imagery popping up around the web and this week's diy fits right into that! We are inspired by these collar clips from Ladybird Likes. Hers are laser cut and made beautifully. If we had access to our own laser cutter it would make our diy dreams come true, really! But for now check out our version of these cute collar clips, no laser cutter required! How to with more pictures after the jump.


Fave 5 // Week 27

Hey everybody! We took a little break over the holidays but we'll get back to regular posting next week! In the meantime, here's a Fave 5.

1. Though the holidays are over, I still love this birdcage ornament from How Joyful. It's super cute and simple to do.

2. I love nail art! But, as a former nail-biter, I have terrible nails. I still love to look at what other people do on their nails though and I always love what Small Good Things does. I especially love her fairy lights nails (above) and her kitty decals.

3. I don't know if it's my love for miniatures or organization but I'm a little bit obsessed with this fire escape shelf. I'm already thinking of how to DIY one...

4. I'm really loving the druzy trend I've been seeing lately and this is the best DIY for it I've seen. I will definitely be doing this one.

5. I love anything Clueless related, so this lookbook from Wildfox has my heart. I want to wear everything in it!



2012 // A Year In Review

Happy new year, everyone! 2012 was a big one for us since it was the year we started this blog! We've had so much fun DIY-ing it up this past year and we're so excited for 2013. Starting this blog really helped both Monica and I (hi, it's Lisa writing this) make goals, meet deadlines, and inspire ourselves. We discovered things that we're good at, things we need to improve on, and things that make us happy. And, really, isn't realizing those things what's important in life?

So, 2013! I'm not much for New Year's Resolutions (since they usually fall through) but I will tell you that we are shooting for more everything next year. More crafts, more geeking out, and more adventures. Definitely more adventures. We hope you learned from 2012 as much as we did and we wish you the best in 2013!

monica and lisa 

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