San Francisco Road Trip

Spring semester starts on Monday for Monica and I so, as a last hoorah of winter break, we decided to take a spontaneous road trip! And for us San Francisco is the perfect road trip distance! We packed up a bag, grabbed our friend Sandra, and headed up the coast. Neither Monica nor Sandra had been to San Francisco before. I had actually taken a spontaneous road trip up there last New Year's Eve with another friend, but there was a lot less planning that time and a lot more crazy. I was really excited to go with people who had never seen this city before.

Check out our SF adventure under the break! A warning: this post is kind of image heavy.

We only had one day in San Francisco so we started it as any San Francisco journey should start: the Full House house.

Unfortunately, the Tanners were not home.

We headed to Golden Gate Park afterwards. I loved going from city to forest to beach, with a little windmill and tulips in between.

We were headed toward the Dutch windmill when suddenly, bison! We got pretty excited. It's not everyday you see some bison. Unless, you go to Golden Gate Park everyday, I guess.

After the Golden Gate Park, we headed across the bridge for lunch in Sausalito and to explore Marin Headlands. And by "explore" I mean spend 30 minutes driving around looking for the historic fort my friend and I ran around in last year.

After Marin Headlands, we went back into the city to see Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world, before it got dark. We also attempted to visit City Lights Books but decided admiring it from afar was good enough when we couldn't find parking.

Next stop was Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. We went into the Musée Mécanique, which is an arcade with antique, coin-operated games. To say those games are creepy and morbid is an understatement, and we joked for the rest of the trip that they had probably stolen our souls. People from the past were weird. We ate soup in bread bowls at the Boudin Bakery cafe for dinner. I wanted to go into the little museum in Boudin Bakery but it was closed for construction.

Princess Diaries! Anything Julie Andrews has done, Sandra must do. 

The reason I am in none of these photos.

Bread turtle!

The next day, we decided to take the scenic route home, so we hopped on the Pacific Coast Highway and drove along the coast. It is a really beautiful drive. Definitely a longer drive, but beautiful.

So, we're moving to San Francisco! ...I'm only half kidding.

-lisa & monica


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