Fave 5 // Week 30

This week has gone by too fast and we've had a hard time catching up to it. Hopefully our trip up to SF will lighten our moods and get us back on track! See you later, alligators!

1. Kirsten at Studs and Pearls put up this denim jacket reconstruction. The final look is awesome and so easy to do!
2. Go nuts for homemade donuts! A Beautiful Mess posted a recipe for grapefruit glazed donuts. I'm not a big donut eater but looking at these photos makes me drool for this breakfast treat.
3. Speaking of grapefruit treats, fĂȘte has a recipe for grapefruit macarons which look lovely and is also making me drool. There's a puddle forming, let's get cooking!
4. This Boo light-up wall piece you can build on instructables is cute! I wouldn't mind making one of these to hang out. The light really makes it pop, it probably looks killer in the dark!
5. Node is a fair trade rug project that merges international artists and designers with craftsmen in the developing world to provide quality pieces as well as quality treatment and benefits for the workers. The designs are smashing and you can read more about Node and what they do here.



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