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We've seen a lot of string art these days, like Honey & Fitz's tutorial or this one from Man Made. Most of the ones we've seen have been states, so when we decided to try our hand at this retro easy art we wanted to do something different. So what design did we choose? A TARDIS. Duh. We think it's fitting since 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! To say we're pretty excited is putting it lightly. Anyway, as we worked on our string TARDIS, Monica noted that it was kind of therapeutic. So, if you want some cheap therapy, check out how to make your own string TARDIS below! Allons-y!

 >> For the surface I used an old wooden plaque that I bought awhile back and covered it with white paint. Also, here is a free printable template of the tardis you can use for this project or any other Doctor Who related craft!

 >> Make sure to loop thread around the nails. You may need to push the thread down and re-hammer loose nails once in awhile.

- monica & lisa


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