Glitter Mint Book Club

Hey guys! I've really been trying to read more lately and I thought that I would motivate myself by blogging about it! So you can follow along with me, Monica, and our book club friends either here on this blog in monthly posts, over on Goodreads (which I have not fully figured out yet), or just on your own.

The first book we're reading is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which the internet won't shut up about. I've never tried audiobooks before, but this one is narrated by the one and only Wil Wheaton if you want the full 80's nostalgia experience.

Here is the tentative list of books (which is impossible to put in order because Goodreads won't let you make lists?). We'll be reading one book a month so I'll be back to post about Ready Player One at the end of August/beginning of September!


p.s. As someone born in '89 (and whose parents sold their old consoles), that photo is as 80's retro gaming as I can get. Pokémon Red and Blue forever!


  1. I hope you finish reading your book "Ready Player One". I think the title looks pretty intriguing.


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