DIY (Hobbit) Wall Decal

So, living in southern California makes it impossible to hang anything on the walls by my bed, as I could be murdered by a picture frame in the middle of the night when an earthquake hits. As I was brainstorming what to do instead, I came up with wall decals! After Googling whether I could paint the excess contact paper I had (I swear one roll lasts a lifetime), I tried it out and it works! It's still clinging to my drawer and the paint hasn't peeled at all. The possibilities for this are endless!

I chose a super simple design to start out with: Gandalf's mark on Bilbo's door in The Hobbit. If your doors aren't white (like mine) I highly recommend sticking it there. Or you could go around and stick them on your fellow Tolkien fans' doors. Gandalf-bomb?

You'll need: contact paper, acrylic paint

1. Paint the symbol (or what-have-you) 2. Cut it out 3. Stick it!



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