Holiday Wish List 2013

1. This Etsy shop Frostbeard sells the most amazing scented candles! Scents include The Shire, Winterfell, and Dumbledore's Office. They even sell one called Exterminate! that is an odor eliminator. Genius. Unfortunately their shop is closed for the holidays, but as soon as they open up I'm grabbin some.
2. Shakespeare and Star Wars: a match made in ghost Jedi afterlife. Ian Doescher took Star Wars and put it in iambic pentameter and I think he might be a hero for that.
3. I love this BookBook iPhone case. I love it so much that I tried to DIY one but failed miserably. I think it would be cool if someone sold custom ones with your favorite book as the cover!
4. Moon Raven Designs on Etsy sells really beautiful jewelry and this wild cat skull is my favorite. It has an articulated jaw!
5. By now I'm sure you've seen a little bit of Allie Brosh's comics in some way, shape, or form. Well now you can see all of it in book form! Her comics on depression are just so relatable, funny, and endearing.

1. This kitty coin pouch from Urban Outfitters is a chicer version of one that I have, it's so Purrrty!
2. Peppermint Butler is such a BAMF and this dress is just as badass! Peppermint Butler Dress here.
3. I love these little cups with critters in them. It makes drinking coffee a little extra special! I found this mug on ModCloth.
4. This is something that I just realized I needed after switching out my summer and winter clothes out-- Vacuum sealed Space Bags! I can already imagine all the compact, dust-free, storage capabilities!
5. Cards Against Humanity. I've heard good things about this card game and I'm pretty sure my friends would have a blast playing this as well! There is a free downloadable version of this game on their website, it just takes time and supplies to make!


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