Holiday Donut Wreath

Merry Christmas! I'm excited for food, family, and re-watching Elf the movie. What are you most excited about? Over the holiday weekend I whipped up this yummy looking donut wreath that also doubles as a pillow! It's just a fun decorative piece that you can easily make. I crafted this during the evening and all the photos I took looked horrid so I thought to try a digitally produced tutorial and hopefully it makes sense.

Before you start figure out how large you want the donut to be. Mine measures about 12 inches around. I traced the largest bowl I could find in my house for the large circle shape, and found other bowls and bottle caps for the other pieces. I just sketched the frosting piece out of a cut donut piece in the green color. You can hand sew this entire thing if you choose or use a machine and then hand sew the seams like I did.

1. Cut out all the pieces 2. Sew on small sprinkle pieces to the large frosting piece. Then sew the frosting piece to ONE of the tan donut pieces. 3. Put the tan pieces right-sides together and sew around the circle leaving about 3 inches of space for stuffing. Don't sew the center circle or you will end up with a jelly bean! 4. Flip the entire thing inside-out and hand stitch the center circle flipping the seams inside so they don't show. 5. Stuff the donut with polyfill until nice and full then stitch up the seam! Tie a HUGE ribbon into a bow and it's officially a wreath!



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