Gift Idea: Painted Candles

One day I was rummaging the clearance aisle at the craft store and came across this Candle Painting Medium. I had never heard of candle painting before and I never really thought to paint candles, but it can be done easily and makes for a nice personalized gift. I've seen people just use straight acrylic on their candles and it worked out fine. The candle painting medium helps the acrylic adhere to the candle a little better. I liked the way they turned out, simple designs and colors to brighten someone's day this holiday!

Materials: Candles (pillars, candlestick, votive any candle not in a jar or container), Candle Painting Medium, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, rubbing alcohol

Directions: 1.Clean off the candle using rubbing alcohol, there was some oily residue on my candles even though they where new and wrapped when I bought them 2. Mix equal parts acrylic and medium. 3. Paint directly onto candle.

>>The paint comes out slightly opaque and may require a second coat. I suggest painting one color, letting it dry and then move on to the next color to avoid blending (unless that's the look you are going for!)



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