Fave 5 // Sloths + Bears

Hey readers! The reason it's been so quiet around here is that Monica and I just finished defeating college apps and we are now facing finals week (imagine us as Great Warrior). Anyway we're going to start posting holiday DIYs next week! Until then, here's a Fave 5:

1. I've been really into letterman style sweaters and jackets lately so I love this upcycled sweater from Fashionrolla. It's really simple as long as you've got a patch and some zippers.

2. I don't totally keep up with runway fashion but the Mulleavy sisters are a couple of my favorite designers and when I saw this Rodarte rosette braid earlier this year I fell in love. The Beauty Department has a good tutorial on how to do it.

3.  Xmas crafts are here! I really like these DIY woodland stockings from Martha Stewart.

4. Have a crafter you need a gift for? Kiriki Press has the cutest embroidered animal kits. I'm partial to the sloth. He looks so friendly.

5. This gift wrapping idea from Mr Printables is so simple and so cute that I'm a little upset that I didn't think of it.

And a short playlist of some weird/awesome music just because. Happy Sunday.



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