DIY Remembrall Ornament

I've been wanting to make this remembrall ornament since last year! I thought up the idea and even bought the ornament and wire last December. Unfortunately, I only just got around to getting the roving and putting it together. But! I love it! It's simple and goes so well with my golden snitch ornaments!

Materials: red wool roving, a clear round ornament, wide gold wire/ribbon, and some glitter

1. Mix glue and water together to create a runny glue. Pour some in the ornament, swirl it around, then place it upside down in a sink to drain. 2. Pour some glitter inside the ornament and spread it around with a pencil/chopstick/whatever's on hand. 3. Stuff the roving into the ornament. (I actually pushed a bit of the roving around inside with a pencil to help spread the glitter) 4. Glue the wire or ribbon around the ornament. 5. Spray the top gold.


  1. Perfect! I'm making my own Harry Potter-themed christmas tree this year, and this ist just perfect! :D


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