DIY Faux Bois Votive

Hello there! Well as you can see we're not doing 12 Days of Christmas this year. Monica and I both just finished with finals and are now busy working at our respective day jobs. But, that doesn't mean no DIYs! Instead of 12 days, we're attempting a (work) week and a half of holiday DIYs starting with this votive one! We'll keep it under the 12 Days of Christmas tag (in which you can see last year's projects) to keep all the holiday DIYs under one figurative roof. Now that that explanation's out of the way, on to faux bois!

Materials: glass votive, hot glue gun, and frosted glass finish

1. Using a hot glue gun, make a faux bois pattern on the glass. 2. Spray paint a frosted glass finish onto the votives and let set overnight. We used this one. 3. Peel away the hot glue (or leave it, if you like) 4. Light a candle in it! Pretty! I love the way it turned out.

How to do faux bois: You can google "faux bois" and reference a picture or free-hand it like I did.
1. I started with a small oval swirl in the middle of the glass and then worked my way out, reaching the top and bottom. 2. Then, on the side of the oval, make two V's like arrows pointing toward each other and add smaller V's inside them. 3. Do that on either side of the oval and then repeat!



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