Fave 5 // Pocky

1. Turning tea cups into cute planters is such a good idea! They remind me a lot of Chia Pets, same idea but more cute and simple! Tutorial here.
2. Swellmayde has a tutorial for these delicate stone rings that are darling and sweet.
3. Happy late Pepero day! I guess it is a celebrated holiday in Korea named after the makers of Pocky! It's like valentines day but with a specific brand of cookies? Either way, this Rainbow Pocky cake from Eat Show and Tell is fitting and looks delicious!
4. Cooler weather is approaching and these crocheted t bar skimmers I found on etsy are adorable!  I seriously need to know how to knit and crochet so I can make cute things. Pattern sold here.
5. This has been floating around the internet these past couple days. Dinovember! It's a creative project that this couple is doing every November to give their kids a little excitement and mystery. They pretend that their children's toy dinosaurs come to life at night to cause mischief and mayhem while everyone's asleep, kind of like Santa but way cooler.



  1. A small FYI: Pepero day is celebrated in Korea, and is named for the brand Pepero, which is the Korean equivalent of Pocky.


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