Eye Spy // Nail Art Tutorial

Peek-a-boo! I love looking at fun nail designs that people come up with but I never have the patience or time to actually do any of them. Nail polish takes forever to dry and I am really fidgety and can't keep my hands still for more than a minute, luckily there are quick dry nail colors out there that speed up the drying process but sometimes that still isn't enough! Anyways this nail design was inspired by the eye trend that was going around earlier in the months. I think it was style icon Alexa Chung who started the nail trend but who knows. This nail design is sorta creepy but surprisingly I got a lot of compliments from people who noticed "my eyes"! Why not give it a try?

Here is what you will need:

  • Nail colors: white, black, light blue, color of your choice (i chose red), & clear coat
  • Reinforcements (or circular stickers)
  • Dotting tools - I made my own!
  • optional: thin brush or black nail art brush/pen

1. Paint your nails white! Make sure they are 100% dry. I like to wait a full day because they need to be completely dry for this to work out! 2. Stick the reinforcements over the cuticle side of your nails as shown. Make sure they are secure and be sure to pack the stickers all the way along the sides of your nails. 3. Paint on your choice color on the exposed nails. 4. Carefully pull off the stickers before the paint dries! If you wait too long you will pull off all the color polish and your eye will not come out right.
5. I stuck a ball ended pin and a flat ended pin on eraser ends to make my dotting tools. 6. Start with the light blue color using the larger dotter. Just dab some paint and dot in the center of the white area. 7. Do the same with the black using the smaller dotter for the pupils of the eyes. If you like the way they look you can stop here! 8. If you have a nail art brush or polish you can line the eyes and draw little eye lashes to make them pop a bit more!



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