T-Shirt to Pillow

Hey there everyone! We accidentally went on a little hiatus there, but we're back! Alright, so I live in t-shirts. They were basically all I wore in high school and, honestly, not much has changed. The problem is now I have a bunch of t-shirts I never wear. I decided to not let them go to waste and turn them into something else comfy: a pillow! There are a handful of tutorials already out there but since it's such a simple DIY I thought I'd try it out!

You will need: a t-shirt, polyfill, and a sewing machine (you can sew it by hand if you choose)

1. Cut out a rectangle (or whatever shape you like) from the front and back of the shirt. My shirt had designs on both sides, so I cut out the front rectangle then pinned it to the other side and cut out the back. 2. Pin the pieces together inside out and sew the sides. Leave about 3 inches open to stuff. 3. Cut the corners. 4. Turn it right side out and stuff it full of polyfill. The higher quality polyfill you use the less lumpy it will be. 5. Use an invisible stitch (like this one) to close the hole. And you're done!



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