Fave 5 // Animalia and Special Effects

HUZZAH! Get ready for faves! It's been awhile but everybody deserves a break from time to time and we did just that with our weekly show and tell. We think it's a good time to bring back the FAVE 5 because they are fun to put together and I like looking at stuff on the interwebz and sharing it with the rest of the interwebz!

1. DIY - I've been dying (or D-I-Y-ing... puns) to make something with Electroluminescent wire. El wire makes everything look like it's from TRON and I really wouldn't mind living in a luminescent video game universe. This El wire bow tutorial from Adafruit is TRON-tastic! Zoom.

2. The art of paper cutting fascinates me so. Artist Antonio Bui has taken my heart with this beautifully cut handwritten song lyric. How wonderful would it be to pick up Your Song?

3. Corgis are the ultimate cutie pies of all dogs! I just love their handsome faces and short bodies. How About Orange shared a link to a corgi origami how to! Also check out all the other animals paper-crafted in the link. Love it!

4. Wishlist - This Sloth Running Team design is definitely on my graphic tee wish list! I adore sloths and their seemingly lazy activities. I can relate! Let's just say I do just as much running as sloths!

5. The wallpaper collective has a cool and slightly creepy wallpaper that shows the skeletons of the animals when it catches light. Imagine walking down a hallway with this stuff with a flashlight at night in a lighting storm! Jeepers!



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