Easy Moon Art

I've seen a lot of moon themed things around lately and I'm really enjoying the trend. I sort of have a thing for the moon, which is perhaps a weird thing to say. I used to be really into Greek mythology and Artemis, goddess of the moon, was my favorite. Anyway, as we just had a full moon last night (a harvest moon since it is almost autumn), why not make some easy lunar art?

You'll need: a wooden plaque and some paint.

1. Paint the plaque black. 2. Steal your brother's old protractor and make a circle stencil. Make sure to keep the circle you cut out. Measure the length of your plaque and make sure you can fit 3 of those circles on it. 3. Using the circle stencil, paint 3 moons. I just used a paint brush and dabbed it like a sponge. I also looked a picture of our moon as a vague reference. 4. Now use that inner circle as a stencil to paint the crescents. You can paint them any color, even black, but I went with a shimmery champagne. It seemed more lunar-y somehow. 5. Optional: label your moons.


P.S. Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches us the importance of Harvest Moons:


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