DIY Accessories Hanger

A few months ago my mom bought these cute rabbit napkin rings for her Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party but wound up not using them. She bestowed them upon me for DIY purposes and, as usual, I threw them in a drawer and forgot about them. When I found them again, I was in the middle of organizing my closet and realized they could be repurposed to help me!

You'll need: cool lookin' napkin rings, a wooden plaque, and a sawtooth hanger.

1. Attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the plaque before you glue stuff to the front. 2. Measure out and mark where you want to glue your napkin holders. 3. Glue the napkin ring to the plaque with epoxy or some other strong glue. My rabbits already had a rough bottom so they glued easily with E6000. 4. Hang your things!



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