INT: Penelope's Bedroom

One important thing to know about me is that I love movies. A second thing to know is that I love interiors. So, I thought I would combine those two loves and start this INT series! Every so often, I'll post about a specific setting in a film or television show and ways to interpret them into your home!

To kick things off we have Penelope, a little movie from 2006 about a girl cursed with a pig nose. She searches for someone of royal blood to love her and break the curse. The film is incredibly visual. The costumes, the characters, and the sets all work together to bring this modern fairytale to life. Honestly speaking, as adorable as the film is, it is a little forgettable. What makes it stick out to me, is Penelope's incredible bedroom.

From her muted green walls to her bed nook, Penelope's bedroom is almost a world all its own. And since she has never left her house, it would have to be. Elements of nature are brought in (albeit fairytale versions) with the red tree, butterflies on the wall, and landscape curtains. She's even got a fake grass rug.

1. One of the most prominent features in Penelope's room are her terrariums. They both symbolize her caged life and show her love for botany. Apartment Therapy, Insideways, and I Spy DIY all have tutorials on making your own terrariums.

2. Another feature all over her room are her pop surrealism paintings. This art movement is actually one of my favorites because I like weird things. Mark Ryden is probably the most well-known artist of this movement. You could easily find similar, affordable art browsing Etsy.

3. Penelope's giant, ornate chalkboard is easily replicated with this tutorial from HGTV. Just fill it with botanical drawings!

4. Her red tree, however, is a little bit more difficult. If you're really innovative and dedicated you could make your own. For the rest of us, there's wall decals.

5. Penelope leaves all her art supplies out and on display. I really love the spools of thread on Penelope's post in the third still. Make your own thread rack with this DIY on Festotu.

Apartment Therapy and Jo Writes The Blog both have more stills from the film and details of the room for inspiration.



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