DIY Light Box

Hello! Today we have a little weekend DIY for you photographers. After seeing so many tutorials for it, we decided to take a stab at making our own light box. The process is really simple and I can see this is going to come in handy for photographing future small projects.

>> This is the basic template for how the pieces will fit together.

You'll need: 4 pieces of foam board and 2 large pieces of paper. Tracing paper is best, but I only had drawing paper on hand.

1. Cut 2 of the foam board pieces into squares using the short side of the board for measurement. 2. Cut the middle so you are left with a square border. My border is 1.5 inches in width. I found cutting with an Xacto knife was easiest for this. 3. Glue the squares to the base. 4. Glue the paper to the square frames. 5. Glue the back to the base and sides. After attaching the sides to the base, the back just slid right into place for me.

To use this light box, just drape a piece of tracing paper over the top and set up 3 lights: one shining through the top and two through each side. For a clean white background, I just used a large piece of paper.



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