DIY Upcycled Top with Lace

 Here's a subtle way to make a top you already have a little bit more unique. I upcycled this thrifted top by adding some fancy lace transforming it from basic to a little more than basic! Show some skin with a little peek of lace which is "in" for summer. I could have maybe trimmed a bit more off to expose some more skin but I'm going to keep it really modest for now. You get the gist. Anyways, do you like my pose? I need to practice my shirt modeling skills. Until then just keep scrolling for the tutorial, please!

1. First, while wearing the garment, mark and measure where you want your lace to lay. Then make a cut across the front of the blouse the length of the lace (the purple dashed line). 

2. Next, measure the width of your lace. At the ends of the cut you just made, snip up 1/2 the width and down 1/2 the width, so your cuts make a really long H (the purple lines). Remember to leave room to hem!

3. Now you should have to long flaps which can be folded back (along the yellow lines) and hemmed. The resulting rectangular hole should be the width of your lace.

>>I chose to add lace only to the front section of my blouse. You can add lace all the way around, across the sleeves, down the middle, the possibilities are endless!

3. Pin and sew the lace directly onto the garment. We pinned and sewed the top  part first and then connected the bottom. (Thanks to Lisa for working that machine for me!)




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