DIY Hanging Map

Last year, my friend Caroline got me this cool scratch-off map for my birthday and I've only just gotten around to hanging it. I wasn't sure how to display it, since ideally you need to be able to scratch it every so often. Then I saw this canvas whale educational poster on Etsy and realized that I needed to cover my entire room in hanging educational posters. I wanted my map to have the feel of pull-down classroom maps but not look too drab. The solution was obviously color! Check out how to make your own colorful pull-down map!

You'll need: a map (or whatever you want to hang), two dowels, and something to put on the ends.

1. Paint the dowels and end bits in whatever color you choose. Then glue the ends onto the dowels. 2. Roll and glue paper around the dowels for a scrolled look. (You could easily skip this step and just glue the map to the dowels if you so please) 3. Glue the map to the paper along the edge of the dowel. 4. Glue ribbon or twine to both sides of the top dowel. 5. Hang and admire!

I can't wait to scratch away this map!



  1. Oh this is so cool! I'd love to try to make this. I used to always do these kinds of projects when I was younger and I'm starting to regain my interest in DIYs again :)


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