Dip-Dye Paper Lanterns

Say what you will about the "America, f*ck yeah!" attitude, I really like 4th of July. Barbecues, swimming pools, fireworks, sparklers. 'Murica! The decorations on the other hand, are hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's too much, sometimes it's too little. So I decided to make some of my own decorations this year. I had these little paper lanterns that don't get used very often and decided to ombré/dip-dye them red, white, and blue! However, you can do this in any color(s) you like. Check it out!

You'll need some paper lanterns (they're pretty easy to find, especially around a holiday), a container big enough to fit the lantern, and some watercolors.

1. Put some water in the container and mix in some blue watercolor. Be generous. You shouldn't be able to see the bottom of the container. 2. Dip the lantern in the container as far as you like. I left enough room on my lanterns for a white stripe in the middle. 3. Let it dry. 4. Repeat 1-3 on the other side with red.

Please ignore chipped nail polish.

That's it! Can't wait to see them lit up! Happy 4th of July!



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