Purse Strap Headband

Monica and I were asked recently what the process of coming up with a DIY was. Whether we think of the end product and then how to make it, or if we find materials and figure out what to do with them. Usually, in my case, I think of an end product and how to get there. There are moments, however, when I look at something and realize exactly what I should do with it. I really love those organic moments of inspiration. It happened recently when I was working on updating a bag and, after cutting it off, I noticed the strap was the perfect size for a headband! So, without further ado, here's how to make an easy headband from an old purse strap!

1. Cut the strap from the purse. If it's a long strap then cut it to the right size. 2-4. Fold one end of the strap over an elastic hairtie and stitch the loop shut. Do the other end of the strap. 5. All done!

If your strap is thin, using a sewing machine to sew the loop shut would be much easier. My purse strap was thick fake leather, so hand stitching worked for me. And you don't have to stop here! Embellish with studs, spikes, flowers, rhinestones, what have you!



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