DIY Middle-Earth Coasters

This DIY is super simple and costs very little. That's right: easy, low-cost, and Middle-Earth all in one thing. Okay, so they don't actually have to be Lord Of The Rings coasters, but if you can make something LOTR themed, why wouldn't you?

1. For this DIY, you'll need some laminate floor samples. I picked up mine from Home Depot for the low price of free. You'll also need an image to put on your coaster, some glue, and either cork or felt. 2. Cut and glue the image to the laminate. Use a sealer on top of the image. Mod Podge is great for this since it's a glue and sealer. 3. Cut some circles from cork and glue to the bottom. Another option is to cut a piece of felt the size of the laminate and glue to the bottom. I happened to have spare cork.

That's it! Place your drinks on it! Ent-draught anyone?



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